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Check out some of the Latest companies listed in the Home Improvement Directory below:

Goods Roofing, Inc. - A full service roofing and siding contractor located in Burton, Michigan.

Superior Exteriors - A full service roofing contractor providing professional and high quality roofing services to residents all throughout the Greater Brockton, MA area.

Hercules Fencing - A full service fencing contractor providing residential and commercial fencing repair and installation services all throughout the Greater Akron area.

America's Best Insulators - Specializes in providing energy efficiency and insulation services for homes and businesses in the Greater Alexandria, Virginia and surrounding areas.

Indoor Environmental Management - Specializes in providing radon testing and mitigation services, along with indoor air quality and energy efficient dehumidifiers for basements and crawlspaces in Florida, and Georgia.

Kidz Bedz - Specializes in providing bedroom furniture for toddlers, children, and teens in Chicago, Illinois.

Burke's Heat, Air & Appliance Repair - Specializes in providing heating and cooling installations, appliances, water heaters, ventilation, AC and furnace repair services for homes in the Greater Paragould, Arkansas and surrounding areas.

True Energy Solutions - Specializes in providing home energy saving services including, energy efficient water heaters and HVAC upgrades, home energy audits, replacement doors and windows, and insulation upgrades for homes in the Greater Rochester, NY and surrounding areas.

contractingPRO - Specializes in roof repair, replacements and new roof installations, replacement windows, fiber cement siding, insurance claims, and other services for homes and businesses in the Greater Memphis, Tennessee area.

Jodlbauer's - The Furniture People - Specializes in providing custom home furniture including living room and bedroom furniture, mattresses, outdoor furniture and more in the Greater Elkton, Maryland and surrounding areas.

ServiceMaster Apple Valley - Specializes in providing disaster restoration services including fire & smoke and water damage restoration, and mold remediation services for homes in the Greater Hartford, Connecticut and surrounding areas.

Advanced Roofing - Specializes in roof repair and replacements, vinyl siding, and emergency roof repairs for homes in the Greater St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota and surrounding areas.

Reliable Home Improvement - A full service design and build company specializing in residential architecture, home additions, basement remodeling, kitchens and bathrooms for homes in the Greater Chicagoland, Illinois and surrounding areas.

Green Building and Greener Home Improvement Tips:

Building in a green and sustainable way is becoming a new standard for the modern construction industry. Nearly 75 percent of all residential and commercial architects are now open to specifying green building materials, and sustainable design for new construction and home renovation projects.

Building in a green and sustainable way does not have to be exclusive to only new construction projects. In fact, green home improvements can be integrated with your existing home renovations and improvement projects. For instance, replacing your old windows with energy efficient ones, can result in significant energy savings, and help reduce the carbon foot print of your home.

If your home needs a new roof, then installing an energy efficient cool metal roofing system will provide additional energy savings, and piece of mind from knowing that your home is now protected with a long lasting and durable metal roof that is fully recyclable whenever it has to be replaced. Although, it is quite plausible that your new metal roof will outlast your home itself!

Insulation is also a very important part of building green. A properly insulated home, or a building requires significantly less energy to maintain cool temperature in the summer, and to keep it warm in the winter. Did you know that many older homes built before year 1970 in the U.S do not have sufficient levels of insulation. It may be very beneficial to correct any inadequacy in your home insulation before taking on any other green remodeling retrofits. By properly insulating your home, you will be able to significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home, which will help you save money on your home heating and cooling costs, as well as help make a small, but positive environmental impact.

Remember, that even a small action of a one person can lead to a positive change. So do what you can, start today, and follow the three "R"s; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Energy Efficient Retrofits Hold the Key to Success in Modern Remodeling Business, and provide great ROI to homeowners.

With the tough economy, and heating and cooling costs skyrocketing, energy-efficiency savvy homeowners are more than ever interested in investing into smart, energy efficient home improvements including wall cavity and attic insulation, energy efficient roofing, siding, and windows, roof mounted PV solar power systems, and solar hot water systems.

Many states including Massachusetts provide generous rebates for energy efficient improvements such as home insulation upgrades. Green Home Remodeling companies can greatly expand their business by capitalizing on the increased demand for energy efficient retrofits.

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